The solution for managing notarized documents in Blockchain.

Si.Mana.Doc. (Secur Management Document, for secure document management.)

Simple to use, intuitive and customizable.

It adapts to both complex and traditional management (document archiving).

It is integrated with the blockchain for data immutability.

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It was born as the first node of the SIMANA Token Utility (ERC-1155) designed to create useful tokens,
a powerful and dynamic tool for developing complex Smart Contracts, able to offer SFT and NFT on the Cardano and Ethereum Blockchain.

This is the notarization platform, which facilitates the creation and protection of individual and corporate secrets necessary to protect the underlying assets.

SiManadoc facilitates the coupling of physical goods, individual performances, works and services in SFT or NFT.

It allows professionals, companies and individuals to log data on the blockchain and simplifies the creation of SFTs and NFTs on Cardano and Ethereum.

The competitive advantages of SiManaDoc

Thanks to blockchain technology and the use of Smart Documents, we can trace transparently every single passage and action made within a document in the management system, attesting every single information transfer.

Documents archive

We store and manage documents in a very innovative and smart environment, tracing in real time who acted, what action and when it occurred. We call the resulting documents, augmented with their context and history, the “Smart Documents”.


We may customize every taxonomy based on context and topic. We also offer pre-made customizations with the possibility for our clients to simply fill them and modify them for their needs.


Blockchain technology allows our users to manage and stamp documents on a distributed irrefutable register guaranteeing both the authors and the integrity and quality of the stamped documents. With natively embedded blockchain technology, SiManaDoc secures  and guarantees all your critical files and protects the integrity of all business processes around your data.

Who is it for

To holders of P.iva.

The first user of SiManadoc is the business user, the one currently equipped with a VAT number. and with its activity,
which promotes and disseminates the SIMANA token by inviting its customers to use it in order to obtain commercial advantages and benefits given by the Blockchain.
With SiManadoc, the business user can notarize in the Blockchain all those documents that need to be protected and preserved over time.
It also plans marketing strategies necessary to retain its customers and promote its business, thanks to the production of SFT and NFT.

This way of applying and managing documents is aimed at all those who need to have a memory unchanged over time, secure and transparent.
When we talk about blockchain we refer to a new and precise paradigm, which is based on two important pillars: certainty and validity.
Everything is wrapped up in the concept of transparency, understood as absolute, disintermediated, equal sharing and open to anyone on the net.
We can trace a series of events in a certain and unchangeable way once they have been validated according to the mechanisms specific to this technology.




Loan Officer

Lottery and Betting

Real-estate Agencies

Auction Houses

Debt Recovery

Gold Shop




To Users

The user of SiManadoc by the user, in general by the private one, is not of secondary importance.
Indeed, given that he is the one who benefited from the SIMANA tokens by going to make purchases of products and services at the activities they promote there,
he himself can make use of the application to notarize his documents that need protection and conservation, and able to generate NFTs and SFTs.


Find out now!

We offer you a presentation to understand the advantages and ease of use of our solution, so you can evaluate the idea of using it for your business.

The market for document management systems (DMS) is constantly evolving, we introduce the smart use of documents in Blockchain so as to ensure competitiveness and capital value over time to the company that uses it.

Upload the cryptographic image of a document on Blockchain

On the blockchain we don’t upload a document, but its cryptographic image. This provides for both a huge saving of costs and space, while making the transaction completely secure and private.

Our blockchain technology ensures the immutability of the saved data as well as its persistence in time.

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Archiving documents has always been a requirement, then the need for conservation has been added, today there is also the need for them to be attainable.
Compliance helps to protect the company from risks even of a legal nature, but also to be competitive in the digital age.
Innovating the company today is extremely important, we need appropriate tools that respond to the same logic.
Thanks to the use of tools that make use of the blockchain, you have the opportunity to make your business much more competitive and secure.
The Blockchain offers qualified data in a registry structured as a chain of blocks containing transactions and whose consent is certified on all nodes of the network.
Today we need to have the will to deepen with enthusiasm, the desire to put ourselves at stake even with fear of making mistakes. This leads to experience and competence.

The future present in document management systems is in blockchain.

Notarizing a document in the blockchain consists of guaranteeing the unchangeability of a document on a given date,
and it is possible to verify that this has occurred and that it has been modified or not.

In leading document management systems, support to blockchain technology is now inevitable.

There is no doubt now that blockchain technology is the most efficient path to ensure traceability, quality, validity and in one word data integrity of all your documents.

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We pride ourselves to provide both a state of the art document management system as well as all seminars and educational content allowing you to immediately grasp and use smart documents on blockchain.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info and demos.

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